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Hello! I’m so glad you found your way…

Welcome to the marionfsblog!

And just to reassure you, if this is your first visit, the marionfsblog is simply a friendly meeting spot where family and friends from near and far can keep in touch, where every so often I post what amount to chatty longish picture postcards and we can share news and views and enjoy John’s photos.

It is meant to be pure uncommercial and uncomplicated entertainment/fun for everyone: no pressure, no advertising, no politics… (Certainly no beauty tips!)

I won’t give – or even worse, sell – your details to anyone or make money in any way. If I recommend something it is because I genuinely do recommend it, not because someone is paying me to do so.

On which note, please linger awhile. Sit back and relax… If you need more help finding your way around see below for an explanation.

Click on Blog Menu to find the various subject headings. ‘John’s Photos‘takes you to the growing collection of photographs, classified as best we can into different subject ‘Galleries’. You’ll find lots of pics – some of John’s are really fantastic – of our recent great African Trek last year with plenty of birds, beasts and landscapes  mainly, some people.

The list of Categories down the left at the bottom of the page links to articles/posts that touch on that category, so one post could have links to two or three categories. So for example, the Photographs section will lead you indirectly to some photographs, but only if they appear within articles about photographs rather than the actual photos in the gallery themselves. I think this may be a WordPress or perhaps a general blogging convention but I’ll have to see if I can simplify things somewhat.

I trust that this makes things a bit clearer. Any suggestions gratefully received. I am happy writing but frequently flummoxed by WordPress mechanics… If anyone out there is a technical wizard with helpful suggestions to make, don’t be shy to get in touch, please.


Latest News

Here is a list of our latest posts. Hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

John’s Photos

We keep adding more photos but its hard to keep up with the rate John takes them.

Enjoying Food

Recipes and recommendations… I’ll be sharing some favourite recipes … And occasionally the odd review of somewhere lovely to eat I am hoping you will also contribute to the collection.