Marion’s Blog!

Hello there, and a warm welcome to the marionfsblog!

If you’re new to the site: let me reassure you that the marionfsblog is simply a friendly meeting spot where family, friends and other kind souls from near and far can keep in touch with what’s going on in our little world, and can enjoy John’s photos.

It is meant to be pure uncommercial and uncomplicated entertainment/fun for everyone: no pressure, no advertising, no politics, no money involved…

I do hope you will find something to interest you here. And if  you want to comment – agree, disagree, suggest – please do so with confidence. I know you’d be polite and I’d love to hear from you. Your details won’t be published and you can use a nickname if you feel a bit shy.

I hope you will enjoy being here.


Latest News

Here is a list of our latest posts. Hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

John’s Photos

We keep adding more photos but its hard to keep up with the rate John takes them.

Enjoying Food

Recipes and recommendations… I’ll be sharing some favourite recipes… Ideally maximum impact for minimum effort … And occasionally the odd review of somewhere lovely to eat

Family Records, Reminiscences

Nostalgia Back to family roots…  I have a serious hope too that the blog might also become a useful family resource where we can share memorabilia – history, links to current websites and blogs, recent reminiscences and historic journals, even perhaps when I have time significant diary entries and recipes dating back to the 19th century.