20/20 Vision

20/20 vision: would you believe it?

What a miracle! Having struggled with short sight most my life, I was mortified by having to wear specs as a child – long before glasses became a fashion item even for children and when glasses were a source of shame and even ridicule. Soft lenses were a great relief and corrected the sight although it always seemed cruel that after the age of 40 or so I when wearing lenses I was becoming longsighted!

Latterly life became even more complicated as I developed cataracts immediately behind the pupils; these where apparently were pretty insignificant in themselves, but the effect in sunlight or at night driving towards bright headlights I really struggled to see clearly, although in the controlled dim lighting of the opticians’ consulting room apparently all was ‘just fine’. I even felt embarrassed to appear a neurotic.

But it clearly was not just fine so in the end I asked to be referred privately. (Having just sold our house, it didn’t feel quite such a big deal.) The consultant’s room was on the ground floor, several windows were wide open and the sun streamed in so when he tested my eyes, under more normal conditions, he immediately understood my concern. I could only see about half way down the chart.

And a few weeks later, after two ‘procedures’, here I am, with 20/20 vision! I don’t even need reading specs and it is a constant delight how sharp my distant vision is.

It really feels like a miracle.

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2 thoughts on “20/20 Vision”

  1. Have an amazing time in Africa. Will look forward to hearing all your news. Roger and I are going back to S Africa next year to go to the Kalahari where I will paint and then drive the Garden Route.
    Your piece about 20/20 vision struck a cord with me too. Like you I wore glasses from about the age of 7, tried every type of contact lens going from 21 to 51 until I couldn’t wear any of them. Had my very “difficult” eyes lasered 11 years ago – what a revelation to be able to see well – worth every penny.
    So looking forward to seeing John’s photos and good luck with the technology!

    1. Jane, how lovely to hear from you! Very exciting – you and my cousin James were the first to post a comment. Thank you both, I hope it will be the first of many!
      I was interested to hear about your rather similar eye experience. People with reasonably good sight (including opticians) can have no real understanding of the utter joy of suddenly seeing everything so clearly

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