Who is marionfs?

I am actually a real person – Marion Fuller-Sessions, wife, mother, sister, granny and friend – ‘une femme d’un certain age’ now in the prime of life (or so I would like to think). We have recently ‘downsized’ our lives generally and I am loving having more time to keep up, personally and via the blog, with my family and friends.

Although we’ve been for many years happily settled in the Derbyshire Peak District, I had a far from conventional ‘English’ childhood, mostly barefoot in the African sunshine, with few neighbours and no modern facilities – deprived in some ways but extremely privileged in others!

(That is a photo of me – Highly Inflammable? – as a baby in the portable ‘meat safe’ I was carried about in when my parents went on tour, deep into the bush. I’ll tell you all about that too, some day…)