African Sunsets

African sunset Kapani Lodge, Luangwa ValleyAnimals returning home at dusk (Lion Camp)Sun setting over the Luangwa River
Bright sun, beautiful sunsets, brilliant birds. colourful clothes…On the one hand there was so much light and colour, but the landscape itself in the dry, cold season was dark green and dusty brown for the most part, serving as the perfect backdrop for all the random splashes of colour.

You have seen many of John’s southern African birds – startlingly beautiful most of them, with iridescent purples, reds, greens and blues. We were struck too by the wonderful sunsets which every evening heralded the start of the sundowner ritual. The sun goes down quickly so one has to move fast to capture the sight and if it was just at the moment the wine or gin and tonic was poured, it was easy to miss.

As can be expected, John managed to capture several. If you look at the gallery – go to Blog Menu/John’s Photos/African Sunsets, you will see them all – and I am proud to say one of these is actually mine. Can you guess which?Sunset over the Luangwa River

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6 thoughts on “African Sunsets”

  1. Beautiful. Gosh Marion, I have no idea…both photographers are obviously extremely talented.

    1. Bless you, Pips, you are very tactful!! And what a speedy response – lovely to hear from you. Love to you all, Marion

    1. Thank you so much Tim. You are such an amazing photographer yourself so we really value your comments. As an ‘African’ nostalgia comes into it too, doesn’t it?! Watching the sun set over the Luangwa River we actually tried to record the hippos grunting and snorting too, but sadly it didn’t wrk very well…

  2. Lovely, lovely pictures! I want to reach for my paints.

    Thanks too for the link to dovegreyreader.

    1. Thank you Gill. Funnily enough, I actually thought at the time that some of the colours were very ‘you’! Look forward to being some paintings… I hope you find dovegreyreader as much fun as I do. I find her always most entertaining and knowledgeable, whatever she is writing about.

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