An Unlikely Top Tip!

Can you imagine positively enjoying a stop at a motorway service station?

Even less likely, can you imagine one receiving rave reviews on Tripadvisor?

Apart from stopping at Tebay on the M6 going up to Scotland we normally would do all we could to avoid their expensive and unappealing food, questionable coffee and shabby loos…

The grass roof is a clue - this is not your usual service station!
The grass roof is a clue – this is not your usual motorway service station

Anyway, today, on our way up from Devon, quite by chance we pulled in at the Gloucester Services, simply hoping to find somewhere we could quietly enjoy the delicious chicken sandwiches my brother John had made for our journey.

Having eaten our picnic we wandered inside, ostensibly to find a loo. To our surprise, it was spacious, quiet and clean, without a neon sign or noisy ‘penny waster’ to be seen.

There was a bread stall…

Tempting  breads for sale
Tempting breads for sale

And cheeses…

Well-stocked cheese counter
Well-stocked cheese counter

Fresh flowers, cards, china and last minute presents…

Useful, if you needed to buy a last minute present!
Useful, if you forgotten to buy a last minute present!

When we had got over gazing, we decided to buy a coffee to drink outside by the pond. There was a baffling array of tempting cakes which I hoped I had managed to resist but then unfortunately ate half of John’s. The coffee and cake was good, the wasps were not and we had to make a quick escape indoors!

The wasps enjoyed the setting too!
Unfortunately the wasps chased us indoors!

So, apart from the wasps, a throughly pleasurable motorway stop, which we can thoroughly recommend.

And before I forget, the ladies was spotless, with fresh flowers on the counter…

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4 thoughts on “An Unlikely Top Tip!”

  1. There are now services at Gloucester on the M5 southboundand northbound run by the same company. Finally services that fulfil their remit… To rest, relax and replenish travellers!

    1. Karen, hi, I do agree. Let’s hope this shames the others into trying to up their standards. We were almost reluctant to leave yesterday, rather than rush off thankfully as one usually does. Unfortunately we didn’t need anything, otherwise I could have had a lot of fun, too, stocking up on cheeses and other lovely things!

  2. Did you have a single shot flat white coffee served in a smaller cup than a latte?
    No great taste but a possible topic of conversation away from the wasps.

    1. Yes, Derek, I did. The wasps certainly weren’t tempted at all, and – being a complete coffee philistine – I am almost embarrassed to admit I found it a bit strong! John really enjoyed his Americano.

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