Apologies from a Blogging Late Learner

Sophie blogging in Malawi IMG_1434Jeremy Brough, our ‘web guru’ friend was here all day yesterday helping us sort out various problems we have been encountering, mainly – but not all – to do with photos.

We loaded lots – but not all – of John’s photos, and have started creating galleries so people can just look at the specific group of photos – e.g. flowers, Zambia, or whatever. This is a work in process.

We tidied up various messy areas and I rather suspect that in so doing may have created others in their place… This is yet another work in process.

Apparently the problem with the photos appearing all ways up on different screens was to do with the Exif code on the photos from John’s camera. (I hope I grasped this correctly.) Jeremy has installed an magical App which hopefully with deal with this behind the scenes.

At the end of the day I had reached saturation point. I had obviously became a bit trigger happy and learnt a few additional awkward truths. One is, that if you press, however fleetingly, the ‘Publish’ button instead of ‘Delete’ or ‘Save’ the deed is done. There is no second chance. You cannot cancel the instruction. Your random bit of scribbled rubbish gets posted, all your subscribers are notified about the latest post… Sorry. I did this last night.

I also discovered that every new recipe is heralded as ‘the latest post’, so if I spend an afternoon putting in all my favourite recipes, you will be driven up the wall by a series of missives telling you that I have just written a new post. Apparently there is no way round this.

Please bear with me, as they say

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