themarionfsblog is almost respectable

IMG_8679Well, WordPress’s 20 minutes needed to set up a blog extended to several months, on and off, and eventually we had to call in the professionals.

Our friend Jeremy Brough has given us such a lot of helpful advice and practical help and now, taking a deep breath, we are ready to tell you it is as good as we can make it for the time being.

There will no doubt be many anomalies and glaring errors (my fault, not Jeremy or John’s) and if so please do point them out before they annoy too many people. I promise I’ll be grateful and not be hurt. We do want the blog to be an enjoyable read, not a penance.

And on the same tack, do please feel happy to make comments or suggestions, as one would in any correspondence with a friend. I don’t want things to be too one-sided, with me pontificating to a silent audience!

Just to remind, to avoid the very real risk of spam all comments will have to be moderated before being published . Don’t be concerned if sometimes in the next few weeks there is a longish delay before your comment pops up – we may be miles from any wifi!

And in the unlikely event that any comment strikes me as potentially upsetting or offensive to anyone the delay would be permanent – the comment would just be binned without discussion. 

Happy times to us all!

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Marion Fuller-Sessions

Retired and downsized, and sadly now widowed, but keeping in touch with family and friends and friends far and wide via my blog