Marion: What’s in a Name?

I didn’t know until recently that Marion is really a boy’s name (apparently). John Wayne was really called Marion, but sensibly changed it for the more manly John.

There is a font called Marion, according to my ‘Marion is a transitional font designed to be somewhat Century Schoolbookish with hammer-like attributes and french curve construction’. So now we know. It looked to me quite pleasant and ordinary… Continue reading Marion: What’s in a Name?

Fifty Shades of Marigold

A couple of weeks ago we decided, with our friends Gill and David, to go to the Second Most Exotic Marigold Hotel, in the Showcase Derby Cinema de Lux in Westfield (only – to add the any possible confusion, Westfield is now called Intu). Gill confessed she never had much success booking online so I over-confidently as it turned out assured her I’d do it, no bother… Continue reading Fifty Shades of Marigold

The World Through New Eyes

Three days ago I had the my left eye ‘done’ – the first of two cataract procedures. It is early days yet and I still look as if I have been hit in the eye – it is rather bloodshot, but in spite of that, the improvement to my sight is miraculous! I can’t wait to have the second one done, in ten days time, when hopefully both eyes will be seeing the same thing. At the moment the right one’s view is still somewhat blurry.

Two weeks later… Relieved to have just had the second eye ‘done’. The surgeon said it had all gone ‘wonderfully well’ but so far it is hard to tell. The improvement has not been as dramatic as with the left eye, but things are much improved. An amazing side effect is not needing reading glasses, which seems a tremendous bonus.

Another great bonus will be improved vision when we do our ‘great African trek’next month.It will be helpful to actually see the elephant before tripping over him.

Musical Weekend in Vienna

IMG_4460There was a time when our family trailed around after us. Imperceptibly, there has been a complete turnabout and we are now trailing round after them, very happily and much more excitingly. We have perhaps to a fault never overpraised our children but I will fleetingly admit they do seem to us to lead rather more successful and interesting lives than we ever did at their age.

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