Blogs: What Is It That Alarms People?

No. 1. Blogs and Bloggers

Yesterday John was talking to a couple of friends who had been admiring his photos and wanted to see more. ‘Have a look at them on Marion’s Blog,’ he suggested. Both ladies looked embarrassed, as if he was suggesting something rude, and quickly tried to change the subject.

What did they think?

The mind boggles. However, I’m sure they’re not unique: obviously blogs themselves are terrifying to a number of people, but there’s not much one can do about that.

No. 2. Subscribing to a Blog

We’re on slightly surer ground here, because we’re talking about people who presumably are happy to read blog posts, but are alarmed, or puzzled, by the thought of ‘subscribing’. Hopefully I can reassure you.

What does ‘Subscribing’ to a blog mean?

Sitting innocently half way down the left hand column of the Home Page is an invitation to ‘Subscribe to New Posts’.

And it is innocent, on themarionfsblog blog anyway. You are are not being enticed to sell your soul, or being hooked into some permanent contract with an unknown force. I won’t sell your email address or share it with anybody. You are simply asking me to let you know when I have written something new.

Old hands know this – and lots of you have subscribed, and it is lovely to have your support. However, I know from conversations that just as many of you have been flummoxed or even alarmed so I thought perhaps a bit of an explanation and reassurance might be called for.

All it means is that each time there is a new post, you will get an email telling you.

Now, you can ignore the email, delete it, or actually make a mental note to read the latest offering when it’s convenient. It doesn’t commit you to anything; it won’t cost you anything.

What is the advantage of subscribing

It is of no obvious advantage to me, other than the reassurance that at least you will know when something new has gone up.

As far as you’re concerned, to make a rather childish analogy, it is the equivalent of hearing a letter landing on the mat. You may not rush to see what it says, but you know it’s there.

I always subscribe if I can, when I do find a blog I like. It appeals to my lazy nature and it saves me perhaps missing something really interesting altogether. Unfortunately, not all blogs can let you subscribe. Two of my favourites don’t have that facility which I find very frustrating.

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2 thoughts on “Blogs: What Is It That Alarms People?”

  1. Hi Marion
    What helpful and thoughtful words from a first class blogger. I’m in the “mental note to self” camp, but do find the link in the email handy if I’ve time to read a new post straightaway. Incidentally, you are one of the least lazy people I know!

    1. Marilyn, I think you are too kind. Laziness lies in wait, especially once I’ve put off doing something (the alternative being multi-tasking’ which isn’t very good either!). How is your blog coming on? Looking forward to Bijoux from Bellac?

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