Broadening our Horizons?

After an embarrassingly full and active (even perhaps hectic at times) summer, our programme of planned jollities is drawing to a close. We have bid farewell to Sara and Tom, and one can’t stretch Golden Wedding celebrations for much more than three months…

Our final fling, actually planned booked and paid for before any thing else this year, is an imminent trip on the Norfolk Broads with Erica and Colin, very special, very long term friends with whom we always have fun.

It will be our third such trip together and these days the boats come with all modern comforts so that even the current forecast for a week of pretty dire weather doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm too much – although admittedly the prospect of basking under warm autumnal sunshine would be preferable to the gales and oilskins which appear to be this year’s lot…

We board the Fair Duchess II this afternoon, in Wroxham. (Very confusingly, there really are two Fair Duchesses afloat which explains why, when we were booking the boat, it appeared simultaneously to be both available and unavailable.)

I write this in the calm and spacious comfort of Colin and Erica’s spare bedroom before we all set off. The anticipation may well be more exciting than the reality as it evolves. No internet connection on board (sounds familiar, doesn’t it!!) so we may all have to wait until the weekend before the next chapter of this nautical adventure is revealed.

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