Crowns, Weddings and Walls! What a year…

What a year indeed…

Sam and NickIn January Nick and Sam announced their engagement, in April we finally bought and moved into Crown Cottage.

In May the Problem of the Wall – about which more another day – reared its unwelcome head, so one way and another, we have spent many months unravelling, decluttering, downsizing… Continue reading Crowns, Weddings and Walls! What a year…


Still thinking about our schooldays…

‘After all, we’re raising you as future leaders of our country’ our nuns used to tell us, more than somewhat threateningly, when they felt the need to justify some harsh but apparently entirely necessary ruling.

So much for training up the country’s leaders, more frequently Continue reading Confessions…

Excellent Women?

So dreadful has been the news recently that, since lying awake nearly all night on November 8th listening to the news as the horror unfolded, I have hidden happily away from current affairs as best I can, absorbed in another, safer, world of books.

Excellent WomenI have been reading – with great enjoyment – two very peaceful and charming books, as far removed from Trump (and even Brexit) as is remotely possible: ‘Excellent Women’ by Barbara Pym, and ‘Terms and Conditions’ by Ysenda Maxtone Graham. Continue reading Excellent Women?

Letters from the Front

Uncle Bobby WW1 1918
Bobby, aged 20, a year later

Nearly 100 years ago, aged just 19, my father’s eldest brother, Lionel Reid Hall – Bobby to his family and friends, Uncle Bobby to my sister, brother and me, Grandpa/Grandpop to the Jacksons, Whitlocks and Constantines – was posted to France on 25th February 1917.

Cold, wet, and at first often bored, and missing his family and many friends, he wrote regularly and reassuringly from the trenches to his loving and obviously anxious family living in Lichfield. Continue reading Letters from the Front

The marionfsblog has temporary health ‘issues’

Dove in St Dunstan's Church, MayfieldAt least, we trust they’re temporary.

(But that has nothing to do with this beautiful dove, in St. Dunstan’s Church Mayfield, where my lovely goddaughter, Nicola, was married last week…) Continue reading The marionfsblog has temporary health ‘issues’

Golden Junketings in Scarborough

When I was young, the occasional elderly couple that reached their Golden Wedding anniversary seemed frighteningly old and frail.

Golden Wedding Tea PartyNow that John and I and many of our friends have reached that stage, I am glad to report that we all feel – and who would argue – look extremely youthful and vigorous.  Continue reading Golden Junketings in Scarborough

Engagements – We’re Dancing with Joy!

Nick and Sam engaged!2016 started wonderfully well for us, with the delightful news that son Nick and his girlfriend, Sam Raine, had become engaged. We are so happy and welcome Sam into the family with open arms. Don’t ask when the wedding will be, because they themselves don’t know. A few days after Nick asked Sam to marry him he went off to Madrid on a six month contract! They can fly back and forth quite easily, but weddings would be difficult to organise. Continue reading Engagements – We’re Dancing with Joy!