SPUDS Reunited – Back to School (Again!)

Nearly a month has past since a group of old St Peter’s girls – and a few boys – met up near Oxford for a most enjoyable reunion. Several people have circulated photos of the event which I have included here in the St Peter’s gallery, and Rhona Walker (nee Coulson) has sent a wonderful CD with about 40 photos of our meeting.
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Living It Up in London

You’ll be getting a very false idea of our life style, as you watch us lurching from one jollity to another.

We have had an amazing and somewhat exhausting few months – in fact the whole year has been pretty upheaved but quite soon it will all calm down, and then we’ll have to get down to normal life (except of course, we have got to try to find a house to buy and that is a frighteningly ‘un normal’ thing to have to do). Continue reading Living It Up in London

Keeping in Touch – Families and Old Girls

Old Girls first…

Contemporaries from St Peter's School Bulawayo
Contemporaries from St Peter’s School Bulawayo
My silence is not because I have had nothing to say, on the contrary so much has been happening since the reunion I have not had a moment to tell you about any of it. And when I have had a sneaky moment the Internet connection here in Wales has let me down. (Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) Continue reading Keeping in Touch – Families and Old Girls

A Second Childhood – St Peter’s Revisited

You may well wonder I suddenly seem obsessed with my schooldays, and for the moment, I really am! Having left school, and Africa in one fell swoop at the age of 18 when my parents retired and went to settle in England taking their family with them it had never occurred to me to stay behind on my own. Continue reading A Second Childhood – St Peter’s Revisited

A Chequered Education

Photo of the hat, and Marion
Photo of the hat, and Marion
I went to six school during 14 years of schooling and no, I wasn’t expelled from any of them but until my sister and I went – as boarders – to our senior school run by Anglican nuns in Bulawayo, St Peter’s Diocesan School for Girls, we had to change schools whenever our father was transferred.

A creature of habit, law abiding and actually quite shy, I absolutely dreaded starting a new school and only began enjoying myself after a term or two when I started feeling more confident. I must admit that in my teenage years Continue reading A Chequered Education

Africa House Revisited: a second Shiwa Ngandu Snippet

Another big hole in my Africa posts, about to be part filled at last. As you may remember, we had such difficulty with internet access while actually staying there, posts were skimpy and infrequent. No such problems now, although come to think of broadband is not brilliant in Parwich either… Continue reading Africa House Revisited: a second Shiwa Ngandu Snippet

A Spot of Devon Nostalgia

Aylmer Cove, a welcome sight for those of us who have been away too long!

A favourite view in the evening sun
A favourite view in the evening sun

John and I have just returned from a really lovely weekend staying with my brother, John, in South Devon. John lives in a beautiful old mill house with biggish garden and with a tributary of the Dart, called the Mardle, running along the edge. Continue reading A Spot of Devon Nostalgia

Farewell to Zambia

Another post which slipped through the internet less net, but which I actually wrote on Monday 29th June.

5.15 and as I sit by the Lion Camp infinity pool overlooking the vast almost dry river bed I already have been offerimageed, and happily accepted, a ‘sundowner’. John is away on a game drive with Paul our guide, hoping amongst other things to see Fish Eagles fishing.

The sun is indeed going down, leaving a wonderful almost violet tinge to everything. An elephant has just strolled past. Now all I can see is herds of Puku – a small Zambia deer –  and flocks of Guinea Fowl.

I feel sad to think we have already finished the Zambian part of our odyssey. It has been such a significant episode for me and what is lovely is that John seems to have enjoyed it as much too, entering with enthusiasm into everything, taking some absolutely wonderful photographs and loving being introduced to lots of interesting tropical bird life as well. He has been the perfect travel companion – if I may be permitted to embarrass him for one brief moment. Continue reading Farewell to Zambia