Apologies from a Blogging Late Learner

Sophie blogging in Malawi IMG_1434Jeremy Brough, our ‘web guru’ friend was here all day yesterday helping us sort out various problems we have been encountering, mainly – but not all – to do with photos.

We loaded lots – but not all – of John’s photos, and have started creating galleries so people can just look at the specific group of photos – e.g. flowers, Zambia, or whatever. This is a work in process. Continue reading Apologies from a Blogging Late Learner

Back in contact!!

Dear all

Just in case you are wondering if we have been eaten by a lion we are both now on Lake Malawi, fit and well, having had a wonderful four days in the South Luangwa Valley. Four days wonderful in every way except there was absolutely  NO internet contact at all

It has been very depressing not to be able to share with you all the excitements as they appeared. Expect a flurry of posts tomorrow! We were up at 5 today and have had a long day travelling so I feel fit for little else other than bed!

Good night all. See you in the morning.

20/20 Vision

20/20 vision: would you believe it?

What a miracle! Having struggled with short sight most my life, I was mortified by having to wear specs as a child – long before glasses became a fashion item even for children and when glasses were a source of shame and even ridicule. Soft lenses were a great relief and corrected the sight although it always seemed cruel that after the age of 40 or so I when wearing lenses I was becoming longsighted! Continue reading 20/20 Vision

Marion: What’s in a Name?

I didn’t know until recently that Marion is really a boy’s name (apparently). John Wayne was really called Marion, but sensibly changed it for the more manly John.

There is a font called Marion, according to my fonts.com ‘Marion is a transitional font designed to be somewhat Century Schoolbookish with hammer-like attributes and french curve construction’. So now we know. It looked to me quite pleasant and ordinary… Continue reading Marion: What’s in a Name?