Dear Jane and Tom…

Is the marionfsblog for people like you?

And who is ‘you’? (Who are you? if that makes you feel more comfortable.)

It’s for family and friends, basically.‘Jane’ or is it Tom, or perhaps Tim? All these blogging journals I have been wading through advise one to have a specific person in mind, rather than a general idea of someone warm and friendly and like-minded enough to bother to read and comment on what one has to say. Well, I’ve cheated somewhat as the person I have in mind is a composite. We know several Janes, all of whom are interesting people who love a good chat and all of whom have been most encouraging about the new blog idea. Also, both of my grandmothers were called Jane which feels nice.

However, no gender bias here… I am hoping it won’t seem just a girlie read – don’t expect fashion advice, tattoo recommendations or tips on how to catch your man (I wouldn’t know about any of these). We know several Toms – including our young grandson in Australia. (I have a secret hope he may occasionally send us news from down under.) We also have several Tim friends/family so when I think Tom I’ll also be thinking Tim if I can train myself to think like that at all.

This is all a bit of a red herring. Really, I think of it simply as me talking to’you’ as a real person, friend or family or possibly both. I have nothing to sell, nor beautiful holiday cottages to share with you any longer although all you lovely and loyal Tom’s and Douglas’s Barn friends are most warmly welcome.

And, finally, I must stress that there is no commercial intention for the blog. Any recommendation is genuine, not because I am paid to do so: I won’t be. Also, it is not a soap box for me or anyone with strong religious or political agendas to promote. We’ve all seen enough innocent Facebook groups and blogs ruined for others by a few unpleasant bullies. All comments will be moderated (I don’t mean edited) by me before going public so I will have the final say. I hope there’ll be plenty of comments and suggestions and constructive criticism, just nothing gratuitously provocative or unkind. If you want a fight, go elsewhere!

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