‘Do Not Sneeze or Vomit’

I have just had the second cataract ‘procedure’ and all apparently went ‘wonderfully well’ although so far the sight is nowhere near as sharp as it is in the first eye which was done two weeks ago. I can however read small print without any specs at all, which is a real bonus!

‘No bending, no lifting, no house work and no gardening’ for at least a week. In theory that is easy to arrange although in practice it is hard to remember not to bend, especially if one is pretty agile and used to bending down without giving it much thought.

Another admonition which rather amused me is ‘If at all possible, do not vomit or sneeze’! Both would be entirely involuntary in my experience, but fortunately I am not the vomiting kind. Sneezing is another thing altogether – sneezes sneak up on you unbidden and I find there is little one can do to stop them. In fact I hadn’t been back from the hospital many hours before the first sneeze. Let’s hope it didn’t do any harm.

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