Downsizers’ Diary

Or Perhaps An Ode to Busy Disorganisation

In case anyone did wonder, I am still about – still alive and kicking but just not very active blogwise. My excuse is that we have been rather busy.

Another reason is no longer valid, but I have got rather used to sheltering behind it… I have had a serious block about ‘Blocks’ – the new WordPress editing system. Possibly because she got rather tired of hearing my moans our daughter Ruth, whom many of you know of course, enrolled me on a most wonderful day-long Guardian Workshop, taken by one Jamie Marsland. It was such fun, and so incredibly helpful.

By the end of the day he had a roomful of people, all initially as apprehensive and suspicious of the new editing system as I had been, feeling much more confident and happily designing and editing ‘new’ websites! So no more excuses from me…

Except, full of determination to put it all into practice, John, Ruthie and I almost immediately set off for a week in Northumberland with some very good friends in a lovely cottage looking across to Holy Island. No obvious opportunities however for putting into practice my still rather shaky skills.

We also sneaked up to Scotland one day to visit Dunglass, which used to be the Hall family home, now owned by Simon and Joyce Usher, who do lovely weddings in the Collegiate Church. The gap in the wall is thanks to one of my more eccentric ancestors, who several centuries ago decided the church would serve more usefully as a store for agricultural equipment!

After our trip northwards, our timetable gathered speed, with almost non stop delights. In these politically troubled times, one feels so blessed to have the security and fun that family and really good friends provide. We have zipped non-stop up and down the country, or so it feels, relaxing and enjoying the hospitality and company of really good friends – more recently in Dorset, Yorkshire and closer to home…

And not forgetting of course also our immediate family in London – Ruth, Nick and Sam, and young Nell. Ruthie and I were even entrusted with looking after Nell for a couple of days, while Sam was in Japan with the Royal Ballet and Nick had to be at work until quite late in the evening.

Sam and Nick’s Nell

Closer to home there has been a lot of garden and similar activity – Chatsworth RHS Flower Show, Tissington Well Dressings, and Winster Secret Gardens. This year there were over 1,700 visitors. We opened our little garden both days, and had a constant steam of delightful visitors.

Our Annabelles were a great draw – not that they can be seen in this photo – and also John’s photos of all the birds that he has photographed in the garden.

Our garden – before the rains set in!

And finally, lots of village activity with the annual Carnival. This year a team of Italian flag wavers entranced everyone. Many of us had no idea that such a thing existed, let alone how entertaining it could be.

The Italian Flag Weavers

And tomorrow I am off to London for a couple of days…

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