Elephants, Leopards, Lions…


At last! We have uploaded hundreds of images from our recent African trip. You’ll find the ‘Big Four’,  plus wild dogs, crocodiles and fish eagles and many more creatures. We can’t provide you the ‘Five’ as there are apparently no rhinos in the Luangwa Valley, which is where we have been.

IMG_1721There are hundreds more photos waiting to be uploaded but we are in London for the weekend so trust that there should be enough to keep you going for the time being. You have waited so patiently, we not so patiently at times, so frustrated at problems we hadn’t expected.

IMG_1602Jeremy Brough, our ‘web guru’ friend spent a whole day earlier this week with us in the blog HQ. At times he was as perplexed as we were at some of the problems we had been encountering, but being the expert he is, knew where to look for the solutions. 

IMG_0839So, what a triumph! John and I have worked hard since, sorting, resizing, uploading – we do hope after all this you enjoy them. You don’t need to be a wild life and/or Southern African tropical bird enthusiast to enjoy them although on second thoughts I suppose it might help…


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7 thoughts on “Elephants, Leopards, Lions…”

  1. As expected excellent photos.
    But I note that you have not renamed any of the photographs.
    Would you benefit by such an exercise or would it entail too much work?
    Example from your source material IMG_1721.JPG

    1. It is a super photo, isn’t it? Fortunately for John, a dead elephant was distracting their attention at the time!

  2. Wow! Thanks for alerting me to this fantastic set of pictures John. Brings back great memories of our trips out there.

    1. So glad you’ve found them, Amanda. There are plenty more (John took over 4,000, not that he is keeping them all – or intending to share them all!).

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