Golden Junketings in Scarborough

When I was young, the occasional elderly couple that reached their Golden Wedding anniversary seemed frighteningly old and frail.

Golden Wedding Tea PartyNow that John and I and many of our friends have reached that stage, I am glad to report that we all feel – and who would argue – look extremely youthful and vigorous. 

Full of vim and vigour, only partially blighted by the stresses of moving to a new house, we were delighted to be asked to join our friends Geoff and Jenny in Scarborough for their Golden Wedding celebrations a fortnight ago. They were married on July 10th 1966, exactly a year to the day after John’s and my wedding. We have known each other since their girls and Ruth and Sara first went to Bairnswood, a nursery school in Scarborough.

Our friend Angela kindly asked us to stay for the weekend of jollities and fine feastings, which started with her delightful supper party, threatened – thankfully momentarily – by Brexit. Feelings were running high at one end of the table but successfully distracted I am glad to say by our hostess and John, who sat on either side. I fortunately was at the other end of the table having much less contentious conversations with my neighbours. 

The Wynns' Golden Wedding cakeAfternoon tea in a yurt the next day was a first for us, but I hope not the last. What a wonderful idea! A real sit down old-fashioned tea with sandwiches, scones, jam and cream, eclairs and meringues, pots of tea and at the same time – perhaps a more modern touch – champagne and wine. And because it was a (golden) wedding, the most beautiful cake and spontaneous speeches.

it didn’t end here. The next day we were all invited by Geoff and Jenny to lunch at one of the country house hotels near Scalby.

Breakfast at the Watermark, North BayBut beforehand, John had the brilliant idea of suggesting breakfast on the beach: the most delicious bacon and egg butty at the Watermark, on North Bay. We got there early, knowing that the cafe would soon be crowded. It is the most unpretentious looking but very popular beachside caff, with super staff and food (and a clean Gents, John’s test before recommending any establishment…).

North Bay Beach Chalets, glowing in the sunshineThe sun shone, and the chalets glowed as we worked up an appetite for lunch, which of course was delicious, and another nostalgic meeting up of old friends and making some new. 
Golden Lunch at the Wrea Head, Scaby

And the next day on our way home, we were so delighted to meet Nick’s fiancee’s parents for lunch,in Malton. A very happy occasion for us, and hopefully for them.

So a weekend of past weddings and weddings yet to come.

P.S. By the way, both sets of parents-in-law… What is the name for that happy relationship?

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    1. Thank you Beverley. It was a very happy weekend. We were sorry to be in Yorkshire without seeing you. Let’s make a plan. (We’ll very soon be in a position to offer you and Douglas some semi-perfect comfort…).

  1. Hi Marion, Gill and I were in Præstø, Denmark at the time of this post. We were also at a Golden wedding, Danish style. You met the happy couple at our celebrations in Cambridge 2 years ago, Linnet and Torben Dinesen. Linnet played the flute at our event. She was at school with Gill and she married a Danish farmer, Torben. I will not describe in detail here what we experienced, except to say it was quite an occasion. Instead I will email you an account with some images if you wish to share it with your blog readers.

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