Happy 2018 to Us All!

Our favourite robin
Our Crown Cottage Christmas Robin

Happy 2018!

It feels as if 2017 has been and gone in a flash. That is probably just as well as no one wants to linger long on all the dismal events facing us in the news daily, not to mention Brexit, Trump, terrorist and physical disasters. As far as the wider world goes, let’s hope 2018 goes by in a happier flash.

Hopefully, for most of us the year has been less fraught personally. We are lucky that in a country such as ours, most of us can go about our daily lives relatively unaffected by whatever extraordinary and dreadful thing has last hit the news.

‘Out with the old and in with the new’…It is a time once again to be reviewing the past, the old. As far as our little world is concerned, we have much to be thankful for during a pretty eventful year, of which more later. It is also inevitably (clean sheet, new page etc etc) a time for making new, possibly secret determinations for the future – to get fitter (Fitbit for Christmas?), better at Bridge, more active on the marionfsblog, read more, see more of our family and friends and generally make the most of the new clutter free time ahead of us.

Those of you who read our Christmas missive will know the gist of our news. One of the many nice presents I got this Christmas was a ‘My Social Book’ from John via Facebook. Looking through it made me realise what a very eventful year it has been, especially if one cheats a bit and includes Nick and Sam’s wedding on 3rd December last year.

Raine/F-S Family group Then the premature arrival of Nell Olive Raine Fuller-Sessions on 9th August, over six weeks early. Fortunately none the worse for her early arrival Nell is now at the delightful smiley four and a half month stage, and delighted us all during our very happy joint Raine/Fuller-Sessions Christmas celebrations last week.Nell in her custom made tutu

Here she is, in a proper, custom made tutu made especially for her! She looks very happy in it. Will she become a successful ballet dancer, like her mother?

Crown Cottage-wise, things are gradually sorting out. We are really enjoying our very different Winster existence, whilst still able to keep up with all our Parwich friends too.The significant problem we had over the (historically) illegally removed wall in the sitting room has been resolved, and we have also – with full planning permission I hasten to say – had a downstairs cloakroom built.

John’s man hut
A garden shed or a man hut?
To our joy the birds now flock to the garden, thanks to tireless daily provision of their favourite tidbits by John. Our lovely new garden shed has somehow miraculously transformed into ‘my man hut’ and even in the coldest weather John is to be spied in there, camera at the ready, certainly taking some brilliant photographs (see the Robin above, photoed yesterday.

‘Out with the old and in with the new!’ As one gets a teeny bit older, this begins to sound unsettling. Even the recent Good Housekeeping is full of how to look young, how to prevent any sign of ageing – even one’s hands must be kept youthful and not-in-the-slightest-bit-old. And one of the Christmas presents to myself is ‘The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleansing’!! How is that for an upbeat reaction!

Which turns out to be a very cheerful and uplifting book about clearing one’s decks, ridding one’s life of unnecessary clutter of all sorts in order to enjoy life more. And in spite of all my previous talk on decluttering, I can assure you there is still a very long way to go before anyone could imagine we might possibly aspire to a more minimalistic lifestyle. It is an ongoing process, and I am hoping the Swedes may provide some help.

Meanwhile, John has come in from our garden shed to peer with me through the clutter to wish you all, every single one of you, family, friends and online friends, the very best of happiness, health and success for 2018. Let us all make the most of what opportunities it offers.

With love to you all.

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4 thoughts on “Happy 2018 to Us All!”

  1. Happy New Year to you and the village photographer. We had a mobile scooter walk along the High Peak Trail yesterday and on to Ballidon and Bradbourne. Quick check on the Parwich website to find out more about both churches. Today was scooter walk at Carsington and then up to Kirk Ireton who also have a village shop! Anthea

    1. Happy New Year to you and Clive. If John is the Village photographer, you and Clive must be the mobile scooter experts. It is wonderful that you can get out and about in the fresh air although having just done the East Bank round in the freezing cold drizzle I’m almost wondering if fresh air is always such such a good thing as it’s cracked up to be after all…
      Do hope the leg continues to improve and that you both have a great and injury free 2018!

  2. And a very happy New Year to you both as well! Hopefully see you very soon in 2018 xxxxxx

    1. Hello Bev. Happy New Year to you and Douglas and the girls. Are you back from Jordan yet? Hope you had a lovely time, as I’m sure you did. We’d love to come and see you – when shall we come?!

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