House buying = Negative Joy

You may wonder if I’ve overdone the decluttering, tidying myself away altogether. Sorry for the silence, but I am still here, just.

At least I hope you can’t say themarionfsblog bombards you with posts…

Absolutely no new exciting news yet to share on the house-buying front as we inch our way towards buying our new house. Thinking completion was imminent our solicitor arranged for us to transfer the full amount over six weeks ago, but nothing has been actually signed and sealed, so we daren’t yet start jumping for joy. You do hear of ghastly stories of sales going wrong at the last moment.

It is particularly frustrating when there are so many decisions – and some quite exciting – to be made that we simply cannot do anything about until we know for sure that things are going ahead.

Meanwhile however, there is still lots going on behind the scenes. There is plenty of decluttering yet to be tackled but also some rather more positive activities as we prepare for the next stage in our lives. Sorting, planning, shopping lists, discussions with removal firms, architects and our current landlords…

And, as fast as another bulging bin bag of clutter is despatched to the recycling centre in Ashbourne (and six to Air Ambulance yesterday!) my brain seems to get correspondingly more cluttered. I wake most nights reciting lists and making probably nonsensical plans, even composing helpful spreadsheets (yes, really…).

The ‘sparks joy’ criteria simply doesn’t work for clutter in the brain or indeed the house buying process.

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4 thoughts on “House buying = Negative Joy”

  1. Hello, I am Caroline Moorcroft ( nee Raine) Sam Raine is my cousin , her father John is my uncle. I came across your blog and wanted to send my congratulations. The prospect of a family wedding is something to look forward to. I was interested that you talk about Ashbourne , we live in Baslow near Bakewell not far away . Would love to hear from you if you care to email me. Regards Caroline

    1. Caroline, what a lovely surprise to hear from you, and how nice that we live so close to each other. I’ll email you separately with all our contact details (which I think you can get from the blog anyway!).
      As you say, a family wedding is a wonderful thing to have to look forward to. It will be such a good opportunity to get to know Sam’s family, too, and hopefully you as well, unless we have already managed to meet up before then. Thank you so much for getting into touch.

  2. Hi Marion I’ve been thinking about you both and wondering how things were going on the house front so glad to have my questions answered! Hope things progress soon, you must be very ready to move on now. It was lovely seeing you at the end of January, always such a pleasure to come back to Parwich. Flo and I are just back from Mumbai, which was fantastic – although glad of a nice hotel to retreat to sometimes. I’ll look forward to asking you more about your time there at some point. We’d LOVE to see you here for a weekend sometime if you can manage it, although sure you have much to do with the impending move . lots of love from us both xxxxx

    1. Bev, what a pleasure to hear from you! We’d simply love to escape to you and Douglas in Yorkshire some time soon, when we have a clearer idea of our move date, which hopefully will be quite soon.
      Has your Kingfisher turned up yet? John lives in hope in getting a decent photo one day. Glad Bombay/Mumbai was fun. Our memories are historic now, but for all that I bet a lot hasn’t changed much.

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