How Long is Twenty Minutes?

We all know that anyone can set up a WordPress blog in ten, or perhaps 20 minutes for the slow learner or so we are reliably informed.

So far the setting up process has taken at least five weeks. That of course does not include all the thinking stage, which for me has been going on for months. So many decisions, so much choice…

Having decided to start a blog, the only dilemma i didn’t have was the decision to use WordPress, having happily in my previous life run the Tom’s Barn website and blog for some time.

The rest was not so simple. A name? That adventure is another blog post on its own. I never dreamt Marion was such a tricky name…All the obvious, fun names I kept thinking of had already gone so we have ended up with the rather unimaginative but logical ‘themarionfsblog’.

And what theme to choose? Theme seems to be the word for the basic template/design of a website which you can buy and then adjust for your own purposes. After much musing I plumped for the Amelie out of my short list of apparently simple blog website designs, largely because we were staying with my great-niece Amelie and her parents at the time, which seemed as good a reason as any.

At this stage i had to call in the professionals, as I seemed to be wasting so much time floundering, getting nowhere.

I hope to will all be worth it in the end.

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Marion Fuller-Sessions

Retired and downsized, and sadly now widowed, but keeping in touch with family and friends and friends far and wide via my blog