India Revisited – First Impressions…

I have a hurried hour to write this before we are collected by our driver for our next adventure – a 11/2 hour drive to Alleppey in the Kerala backwaters, for a day and night on a rice boat.

So, first impressions, in a rush. Clammy heat, bright sunshine, colour, noise, warm greetings and friendliness, and perhaps above all, chaotic road conditions.

About the latter we remembered well, and had been warned afresh.

In all innocence I asked our guide from the airport and our excellent driver, Biju, which side of the road one drove in India. ‘The right’ said one. ‘The left”, said the other. Or perhaps, they agreed, wherever there was a space. And I don’t think they were joking.

Bareheaded women passengers riding side-saddle on the pillion of a motor bike which is weaving in and out of the traffic looking for those spaces, cars backing onto the main road, masses of tuk tuks lining the route, the odd pack of dogs ambling along in and out of everything.

But this aside, above all, I have been aware of warmth and friendliness, laughter and smiles even when one is refusing a lift or declining to buy.

And now I’m told our driver is here to take us on the next step so I must post this hastily. More details tomorrow, all being well.

Details and hopefully photos tomorrow

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2 thoughts on “India Revisited – First Impressions…”

  1. Wonderfull Marion, I can picture it clearly…can’t wait to see the photos. What an alive place India is.

    1. Tim, hello. Lovely to hear from you, wherever you are at the moment. ‘Alive’ is a good description. So much movement, noise and colour not to mention the chaotic aliveness of the roads. We have just been driven two hours to Alleppey, my heart was in my mouth practically every moment. We even narrowly passed a scooter with two bare-headed women side-saddle on the pillion!

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