India revisited

In a year of reunions, yet another – very special – one…

We’ve almost made it!

I almost thought we never would.

Thanks to the persistent persuasion, kindness and support of a number of people, 51 years after we left Bombay for good, we are returning to India.  

We first arrived in India as 25-year old newly weds, we return as an ancient still married couple of – you work it out… Is this brave or foolish? Possibly both, but certainly exciting.

I wrote this introduction on the aeroplane, flying to Kochi (Cochin) via Beirut. I am including it here to warn you: we have been here a day and are already having so many exciting, interesting experiences that I want to share with interested family and friends. I shall find it difficult not to write every day if I can find the time and possibly internet access.

So please be warned. If you don’t want a barrage of posts. I would totally understand but please just ignore, don’t un-register. I’ll calm down again soon enough.

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  1. I love reading your posts, so keep at it, Marion, if you have time, energy and a decent connection. If not, you can relive it all again when you get home.

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