Jennifer Parsons, nee Shaw-Wheeler

Many old St Peter’s Girls will remember Jennifer Shaw-Wheeler, with and happy memories. I don’t know the exact dates when she was at school but I would guess probably 1951/52 until roughly 1956.

I am afraid that I bring some very sad news, from her son, Andrew Parsons.

He writes that his mother died in the early hours of March 17th at home, succumbing to a combination of kidney failure and heart disease.

She will be cremated this Wednesday, March 29th at 12 noon at the Cambridge Crematorium in the West Chapel.

The following day (Thursday March 30th) there will be a Memorial Service at Thriplow Church (St Georges Church – SG8 7RF) at 2:30pm followed by drinks at The Green Man pub which is also in Thriplow village.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend either service but I know that if any of you who live nearby and might be able to say a personal farewell to Jennifer it would give him much pleasure. I don’t know their actual address, but for this funeral notice Andrew is using his mother’s email address, which is

If you can’t go, or even if you can, I am sure an email would be greatly appreciated.

He wants us to let as many of her friends as possible know, so I thought a blog post, might be the easiest and best way. I will try also to get it onto the two St Peter’s Facebook pages.

Please pass this message on if you can think of anyone who might not already know. Better someone hears twice than not at all.

Thank you so much, wherever you all are!

Marion Fuller-Sessions nee HALL (1953-1958)

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