John F-S Update and Thanks

Raising a glass to John 8pm Thursday 8th October 2020

There’s not much to be cheerful about these days. Covid-19 strengthens its grip – Tier 2 for Derbyshire Dales as from last Saturday night, lockdown from today Thursday 5th November, winter approaches and the days ae getting shorter… and as far as John’s immediate family and friends are concerned, the gap he leaves seems to get wider.

But in spite of all the general uncertainty and misery what I find immensely cheering is the day to day support of so many kind people – popping in for chats, inviting me out for meal after meal although this will have to completely stop now.

One can’t feel hopelessly miserable for long when surrounded by such warm kindness, and there is nothing like a friendly chat to raise the spirits. (The effect on the waist line is the least of my worries, at the moment anyway…)

John’s funeral service, at the Chesterfield Crematorium, promised to be a a very sad occasion, with so few people allowed to be present and with the added pressure of the 30-minute time limit. Thanks to our great friend, Colin McGarrigle, who took the service and delivered such a loving and warm and often amusing eulogy, the atmosphere was strangely uplifting.

Ironically, in a way it was even better because with the Covid restrictions on numbers attending, the crematorium supplied a video link to the service, so actually hundreds of people were able to take part with us all, virtually, and some later in the day. And at 8 o’clock that night many of you raised a glass to John which was a lovely joint tribute to him.

And more than that, the flowers, the cards, the veritable flood of wonderful letters that is still pouring in, all expressing such love and admiration for John. Such moving letters, from his many friends and colleagues all over the world including his pupils from the Cathedral and John Connon School, Bombay, and those from Bramcote School Scarborough and their parents, pupils from Lichfield Cathedral School, fellow sportsman, old Radley school and Trinity College Dublin friends…

John would be astounded. I am humbled. I feel so proud to have had him as my husband, and father to our children and this glow of warmth and gratitude that I feel is all helping to keep me buoyed up, cheered rather than sunk in misery…

So thank you, everybody, most sincerely. I am hoping eventually, to reply to all your letters, combining them with Christmas messages and possibly even a Christmas card.

It is at least November now! Everything this year is strange…

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