Last Drinks, Please

My blog has been so inactive that this will probably come as no surprise to anyone else, but I’ve been deliberating, delaying and so on for months… I have decided, reluctantly but I hope sensibly, to close down my blog in a few weeks’ time…

I have been trying not to think about this for ages. It is all part of the painful process of decluttering, downsizing, winding down that happens, if one is lucky enough to live long enough to have to face it.

But even more significant for me was John’s death in September 2020. He was always so supportive of themarionfsblog, so encouraging and of course my chief (and only) photographer. Of course I can’t blame John – or his absence – for my lack of spark, but merely acknowledge how important he was for me.

Before you start thinking what a miserable old soul I must be, I am actually coping pretty well, thanks to my lovely family, and friends near and far. I have only recently returned from a most wonderful seven weeks’ holiday in Australia (with a few days in Singapore en route) with Sara and Derek, and grandson Tom who is now a fine young man of 18 and planning to go to Sydney University next year.

Nearer to home is Ruth in London whose flat I more or less ‘use as a hotel’ – as parents were wont to complain of their young, perhaps rather than their mother. And of course, still in London but not quite just as convenient for St Pancras, are Sam and Nick, and their two absolute darlings, Nell (5) and Frank (nearly 14 months).

Meals, walks, bridge (still no improvement), trips and family holidays fill my time, plus – less attractively – taking stuff to charity shops or the tip, going through countless old files, diaries, photographs and what feels like tearing up my life. And taking the decision to close down my blog…

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10 thoughts on “Last Drinks, Please”

  1. Dear Marion, Sorry you want to give up your blog. Mike and I had commented recently on its absence of late. You might not be able to take photos like John, but I’m sure you could take some with an iphone if you have one, or ipad? it doesn’t need to be on a super duper camera. My daughters take amazing photos on phones. But if it seems like a chore, maybe it’s time to let go. Sorry to hear it though. So glad you had a super time in Australia and Singapore. Ring if you feel like a coffee in Parwich!

    1. Gill, thank you. You’re quite right about the photos, and it’s not a decision taken lightly. I think it’s more trying to simplify things (maybe it’s just sheer laziness?!).I’d love a coffee sometime, thank you.

  2. Dear Marion,
    So sorry to hear that you are stopping the blog, which I have always enjoyed. Perhaps something to come back to at a later date?
    Lovely to hear that you had such a wonderful time in Australia.

    1. Oh James, thank you so much. I shall be so sorry too, and I’ve really enjoyed writing the posts. Maybe to cone back to a much simpler set up, when I’ve finished all my sorting and chucking.
      I’ve always enjoyed your posts too. Are they still there and I’ve just not seen them? If so, I’ll have sone serious catching up to do.

  3. Must have been a difficult decision for you. Lucky we have you nearby to catch up on news…xxx 😘

    1. Thank you Tim. I’ll miss doing it too, but I may just be deciding to continue with a very minor version, just so that I can still keep in touch from time to time.
      Lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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