Marion: What’s in a Name?

I didn’t know until recently that Marion is really a boy’s name (apparently). John Wayne was really called Marion, but sensibly changed it for the more manly John.

There is a font called Marion, according to my ‘Marion is a transitional font designed to be somewhat Century Schoolbookish with hammer-like attributes and french curve construction’. So now we know. It looked to me quite pleasant and ordinary…

There is a town in Ohio called Marion, which is the headquarters of the county named Marion. Marion, according to Wikipedia, is the USA’s leader in ‘corn and popcorn produced foods’, ‘a city where you’ll feel right at home’.

However charming the city of Marion may be, I soon realised that it would not be wise to call my blog Marion. Next I tried my initials – MFS. I quickly fund myself in Microsoft Flight Simulator world’, FS brought up Football Services, Forest Services, and Fresh Start – drug rehabilitation and bankruptcy support… So I ended up with what I did the Let’s hope I don’t feature when people search fresh start programmes in Marion Ohio…

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