Safe Landings

Sorry for the media silence, and now all you have is a photoless blog post. Can’t blame anything other than indolence, slight travel weariness and a 6″ pile of letters, bills etc waiting hopefully for urgent attention on the kitchen table.

Anyway, we are safely back, after a wonderful trip that covered so much and went all too quickly. John is busy sorting through his 4,000+ photos, some of which – and I have only previewed a few – are really amazing. He has a fantastic close up of a leopard yawning. We hoped it was a yawn and not a  snarl as it was a bit too close for comfort if the creature had been on the warpath..

Talking of photos, we have received several amused comments from friends who have had to view posts standing on their heads or lying down in order to view the photos which have landed on their screen all ways up but the right way. It’s a puzzle, as I promise you they look fine this end. Someone helpfully suggested it was because they came from the southern hemisphere  which is all very well unless it continues to happen from here in Parwich. Please let us know when I next send out a post with photos.

Not before time, we have booked a session for next Tuesday with our web guru in the hopes we will be able to help us smarten up our use of WordPress, and photos.

Meanwhile, there are lots of holiday ends to tie up, blogwise. The flow of African stories may slow down but it hasn’t ended yet – I am hoping over the next few days to post a few entries which missed the boat, and also one or two recipes we were given on our travels. 

Talking of food, I have also got two of my grandmother’s handwritten recipe books. It will be amusing to see if any of these have retained their appeal, and if so I shall share some of them. It is thanks to her that I have a lifelong love of that wonderfully old-fashioned delight, Seed Cake, which I still make quite regularly…

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4 thoughts on “Safe Landings”

  1. It’s been wonderful following your trip Marion. I apologise for not commenting more, but as you know we’ve had the mayhem of moving, so sadly I’ve not had a second to spare.
    But the blogs and the teasing photos on FB so far have been super 🙂 I look forward to seeing more soon. Lots of love, Shelley & Jonathan

    1. Shelley, please don’t apologise for not commenting. There is absolutely no obligation on anyone, to say anything. It is lovely that you have even found the time to read anything, with your amazing move to Japan. Do you fancy doing a guest post about the rather superior Japanese life-style you are embracing? I think everyone would be absolutely intrigued, not least with your superloo! (The Japanese must be very shocked when they come to the UK. Goodness knows what they would think if they visited Sub Saharan Africa – maybe that explains why we didn’t see any on our travels!).

      I’m serious about the guest post, if/when you have time and would be happy to. (Put a link to your photography site, too. People would love to see your photos.)

  2. Hello Marion and John
    Good to hear you are safely back in Parwich! I’ll look forward to the rest of your Africa reports and, of course, the photos, which I know will be extraordinary. It’s also good to hear you haven’t lost your touch in the cake making department.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi, Marilyn – lovely to hear from you, presumably still in France? There has been a bit of a lull in intermission, with unexpected Golden Wedding jollities somehow taking up all the time. There is still lots to tell everyone. John is busy sorting out his photos and the web guru comes on Tuesday to help us work out how to share them in the best way.

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