SPUDS Reunited – Back to School (Again!)

Nearly a month has past since a group of old St Peter’s girls – and a few boys – met up near Oxford for a most enjoyable reunion. Several people have circulated photos of the event which I have included here in the St Peter’s gallery, and Rhona Walker (nee Coulson) has sent a wonderful CD with about 40 photos of our meeting.

For some of us the last time we had met was well over half a century ago, in another continent, and I trust I am not the only one that struggled to put names to faces not seen for decades – even those that had been contemporaries.

Despite age defying anti wrinkle creams, not to forget such apparently memory enhancing hobbies such Sudoko, crosswords, Bridge and online Scrabble, the years certainly have left their mark on yours truly and I will not even try to put a name to all the 2015 faces. Let’s hope others will be able to do better than I…


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