Pauline Boty – have you heard of her?

Autumn by Ali SmithI am sneaking away from our Christmas card list, briefly, and rather unwisely given that I have only reached the Hs, to touch on my latest Parwich book group choice, which has rather joyfully introduced into my life a little known ‘Swinging Sixties’ Pop artist called Pauline Boty. Continue reading Pauline Boty – have you heard of her?

Excellent Women?

So dreadful has been the news recently that, since lying awake nearly all night on November 8th listening to the news as the horror unfolded, I have hidden happily away from current affairs as best I can, absorbed in another, safer, world of books.

Excellent WomenI have been reading – with great enjoyment – two very peaceful and charming books, as far removed from Trump (and even Brexit) as is remotely possible: ‘Excellent Women’ by Barbara Pym, and ‘Terms and Conditions’ by Ysenda Maxtone Graham. Continue reading Excellent Women?