An Unexpected Outing to York

John had an appointment in York last week.

Having been given very precise details about the timings, at the last minute the date was postponed until August. We had already made arrangements to stay with Piers and Mary, some very special old friends (old as in longstanding you understand) who live in York, and were most reluctant to cancel the chance of seeing them so drove up as planned.

So, we had a really lovely unexpectedly free day… Continue reading An Unexpected Outing to York

‘We Few, We Happy Few’…

Although perhaps even fewer are quite so happy after losing the rugby to Wales last night…

Henry V ProgrammeBut, yes, John and I are happy enough to have just been to see Henry V at Stratford, having already seen Richard II, and Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 – thanks to our good friend Trevor who valiantly oversees the dramatic programme of a few fellow keen theatregoers.

Waiting for Henry V 24/9/2015Pics as always thanks to JFS although I took this apparently illegal one in the theatre as we waited for Henry. Continue reading ‘We Few, We Happy Few’…

A Short Break on the Norfolk Broads

We expected dreadful weather, and so felt pleased to enjoy not dreadful but mixed weather, some rain but lots of sunny spells – but never warm enough to sunbathe in our bikinis and thongs (?). After a hectic few weeks and a busy drive to Wroxham mainly chugging slowly behind tractors and numerous heavily laden trucks full of veg we felt more than ready for a peaceful few days with our very good friends Erica and Colin whose company we so enjoy. Continue reading A Short Break on the Norfolk Broads

A Week in Wales

As seems usual these days I seem permanently to be at least one step behind…

A long time ago, it seems, but actually only last week, after our memorable family gathering in Wales, the Australian and retired F-S section of the family – accompanied by still hard working Ruthie for a couple of days – stayed on in their holiday cottage to enjoy some time together in west Wales. Continue reading A Week in Wales

Otters in the London Wetlands

Otter London Wetlands July 2915Momentarily lowering our sights somewhat from big game to a pair of otters, we recently spent a lovely afternoon at the London Wetlands.

Another Otter London Wetlands July 2915As I am sure many of you will know, the London Wetlands in Barnes – almost the centre of London – was created about 15 years ago from disused reservoirs and what was effectively urban wasteland. The first urban project of its kind in the United Kingdom, by 2012 it was voted the favourite nature reserve in the country by BBC Countryfile Magazine.

Otter eating,  London Wetlands July 2915It certainly is a lovely place to visit, so easy to reach, and yet one is miraculously transported to what feels like genuine countryside – Norfolk perhaps. Continue reading Otters in the London Wetlands