The Best Autumn Colours Ever?

Sunflower, against a cloudless blue skyThe red, yellow, bronze and crimson leaves of autumn are always a joy to behold, particularly spectacular in the Peak District (or perhaps we are biased?). However, perhaps not as I remember John’s uncle and aunt, Tim and Peggie Sessions, used to make a point of coming over from their very beautiful corner of Herefordshire every October just to enjoy the colours here.

Fiery red autumn leaves in ParwichThis year they seem even better than ever. We have had such a wonderful October and today, the 1st November, has been perfect: warm and cloudlessly sunny. Parwich residents were even spotted lingering long over a prolonged lunch and chilled wine in their gardens. (Too discreet to take photos to prove it…).

Autumn leaves, Parwich October 2015This Indian Summer cannot last, sadly, and no doubt sooner or later night frosts and a few strong winds will transform the autumn colours just into a tantalising memory.

Our resident photographer has been out and about, snapping different views, to remind us when the memories begin to fade. He doesn’t ‘photoshop’ them so the vibrant colours are as they truly are. Do have a look!
Fiery red autumn leaves in Parwich

If you’d like to see more, you can view the full Peak District Seasons gallery below

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4 thoughts on “The Best Autumn Colours Ever?”

  1. Lovely photos! I took lots on our drive to the Manifold today, and hundreds in Germany, round the Bodensee and the Black Forest, where the colours are even more vivid than they are here. What a bonus it is to have these warm autumn days!

    1. I’d love to see your photos, Gill. Would you like to do a guest post about your recent visit to Greece, or the German autumn colours? Seriously, I’d be delighted – give me a ring if you’d possibly like to. As for the undoubtedly more vivid Black Forest colours, in defence of the Peak District, perhaps they were at their most amazing about two or even three weeks ago. They are definitely beginning to fall and fade now.

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