The Nutcracker

And quickie news catch-up

I am sure you probably all know that the Royal Ballet is producing the Nutcracker at Christmas. This is just a hasty note to let you all know that Nick has just told us that if you are interested and likely to be near a computer this evening, October 27th 2016,  The Nutcracker rehearsal is being streamed live on YouTube, apparently starting at 7.20. Sam our soon-to-be daughter-in-law will be appearing, although I am not quite sure when, rehearsing her lot (the corps de ballet). Nick most certainly will not be seen on the screen, although you can see them both here.

It is also by way of an apology/explanation for another long silence. There have been serious problems with the blog which we think and hope our good friend and web guru, Jeremy Brough, has now sorted out. It was all to do with backups, backs up backing up back ups and so on, making our web hosts annoyed and rather demanding, and perhaps more importantly, seriously slowing everything down.

And the grandmother mother of the bridegroom thinks she has found a dress. Having struggled as many of you know, trawling through acts of matronly dresses modelled by preteens with hollow cheeks and trout lips I have actually chosen one that could be thought mutton dressed as lamb, notably because it is on the short side. And in the shop it was just hanging on an ageless rail, not defined by anyone young or old.

Nick and Sam Sept. 2015
Nick (not a ballet dancer) and Sam who most certainly is

The other problem is that although the front is multi-coloured, from behind it is all black. I certainly don’t want anyone reading anything into that. We are so happy about getting Sam and Nick getting wed. However, I am assured that short is okay, and that black is the new wedding white, or something like that. Let’s hope it will pass muster. It’s beautifully comfy and  unrevealing so that is all to the good.

Meanwhile, happy watching tonight!

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