The Wedding of Nick and Sam

Sam and NickI have so much to tell you, it is really hard to know where to begin, and hard not to be too gushy and over emotional. We have had the most wonderful long weekend celebrating Sam and Nick’s wedding.

Firstly, a relaxing pre-wedding getting-to-know-you drink on Friday night for the two immediate families, then the wedding itself on Saturday, then on the Sunday a winding down/summing up very relaxed lunch in the Walmer Castle, in Notting Hill.

Sam and NickAnd throughout the whole weekend the atmosphere was warm, loving, friendly, and genuine, reflecting the quiet love Sam and Nick so obviously have for each other. There was nothing that jarred, nothing to my mind that was showy or staged, everything seemed to go seamlessly and unostentatiously well.

Nick and granny MollyThey had organised everything themselves, with neither family having any idea what to expect. It was rather lovely, because we all felt like guests, with no pressure on us at all apart from enjoying ourselves, which was easy enough.

RuthieSara (Sara Eastway)We didn’t know what to expect, apart from our immediate families we did not even know who had been invited, so lots of lovely surprises there! Our nephew, Steve and his wife Jenny had flown from Cape Town for the weekend, and of course our Sara had come from Australia to see her brother wed. Royal Ballet wedding guestsAnd among the guests there was a delightful group of Sam’s Royal Ballet friends and colleagues.

Chris, Tim, Steve BirdieThe dress code was another surprise, and admittedly a bit of a puzzle to those of more mature years: ‘Semi-formal chic glam fusion’… We never did discover what that really meant but it led to a lot of beautiful outfits, some very comfortably casual and one or two delightfully unusual (mainly the men – one of Nick’s friends was sporting a very endearing bright blue check Rupert Bear type suit he had had apparently specially made – for £10 – by an Indian tailor!).

John and Marion F-SI had worried for months about a suitable ‘outfit for mother of the bridegroom’ but in fact I could have worn anything as long as it was neat and clean! I really had the feeling that it was not a fashion show.

Sunbeam StudiosThe setting was a wonderful surprise. When we had heard ‘Sunbeam Studios’ we were not sure what to expect – it suggested perhaps a trendy London Kindergarten, but instead it turns out to be the original Sunbeam Talbot headquarters, and now a rather classy venue for weddings, promotions, photographic shoots etc. It was a wonderful setting, and the staff and the organisation was impeccable.

Angela Raine, mother of the brideThe wedding ceremony was very moving. Sam’s father, John, so proudly walked Sam up the aisle to a string quartet, and the service was very pleasantly conducted by the registrar. He was very sincere but with a pleasantly humorous touch. It was all very moving. Signing the RegisterSam’s mother, Angela, and our Sara, were witnesses, and Ruthie did the only reading, very beautifully.

Sunbeam StudiosChampagne and delicious canapés quite quickly followed by a very excellent wedding. breakfast/lunch/dinner for the immediate family and friends.

Dan Channer, Nick's best manWe were then joined by all the other guests for more drinks, canapés and excellent speeches by Dan Channer, Nick’s best man, Nick and Sam.Sam and her beautiful bridesmaids

We then all went downstairs to the ‘ballroom’, the dining tables having been quickly cleared away, for dancing to a live band. Nick and Sam’s first dance was a wow! Quite a challenge for a total non ballet dancer to be performing, with a ballerina, in front of a room containing the creme de la creme of the ballet world, but they seemed to enjoy it quite as much as we less gifted mortals. But perhaps it will be a month or two before Nick is offered a guest performance at the Royal Opera House.

And then suddenly, at midnight, it was time to say our fond farewells after a truly magical, memorable occasion. Thank you, Sam and Nick! And the very very best of good luck to you both.

There are so any more photos that I would have loved to have shown you. Do have a look at the Nick and Sam Wedding Gallery for just a few more.

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10 thoughts on “The Wedding of Nick and Sam”

  1. Wow Marion! What an absolutely wonderful time! Many congrats to your son and his beautiful wife, it looks like it was a fabulous wedding weekend indeed!

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple! It all looks so happy and relaxed; bride and bridesmaids beautiful. Nick won’t be joining Strictly next year then?? So glad you had such a marvellous time.

    1. Thank you Gill. I guess for Nick it will be an agonising toss up between the ballet and Strictly! It must have been quite daunting for him doing that first dance with and amongst real pros! But they all seemed to love it, as did we all.

  3. Thanks John and Marion for sharing this special occasion with us. May we add our warmest good wishes to Sam and Nick.
    Mike & Gill

    1. Thank you Mike. I will certainly pass on your good wishes to Sam and Nick. Sam will have another big day although not on a par with her own wedding, with the live screening of the Nutcracker tonight. John and I are going to Derby to watch, 7.15 tonight!

  4. A wonderful blog Marian this sums the day up for us all beautifully. Johns photograph’s are amazing
    Yvonne xx

    1. Thank you, Yvonne. John has masses more but we’ll have to wait for the official ones for the full covering. I took several, just with my iPad when I got the chance to do so discretely but of course there free lots of moments when we were part of the action so to speak, not able to photograph!

  5. Hi Marion,
    Sam’s Mum, my dear friend Angela, has just forwarded to me your photographs and commentary and I have so loved watching and reading your wonderful comments. My husband Richard Wood and I were guests at the evening celebration and we had the most wonderful time. Our daughter Claire Taylor (nee Wood) was one of Sam’s beautiful Bridesmaids and our son Guy Wood was ‘the leader and drummer of the band’. It was so good to meet you and your husband and daughter and family and friends of both the bride and groom and thank you so much for the memories and many congratulations and love and happiness to you all. xxxxx

    1. How very lovely of you to write, Barbara! I must get Sam to point you and your daughter, Claire, out to me. I’m sure I will remember you immediately then. Your son I do remember – what a fantastic drummer, and I gather he had flown in from Amsterdam for the wedding…
      Wasn’t it just such a happy occasion, and lovely to see Sam and Nick looking so very relaxed and happy with each other.
      It will be good to see the professional photos when they cone out. Meanwhile – when we’ve done our Christmas cards – I will ask John for some more of his.

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