The wonderful world of ‘blocks’?

Stumbling blocks more like…

Or perhaps word blocks…

And certainly not wonderful yet, for me. Gutenburg, the latest WordPress development, has left me completely bamboozled and in a blog panic. I gather I’m not the only one, which is a tiny comfort, but it’s not much help when I am just longing to get going on my marionfsblog again.

And, I must just warn you, that there may be some more delays ahead, as I have decided to move my blog to a more local host than the current USA one in the hopes that I will feel a little more supported and – eventually – in control. So this post is a general and very apologetic apology.

Meanwhile, a very quick catch up since my last post, written as one huge Gutenburg induced paragraph just after a very happy family Christmas in London.

In February John and I went down to Devon where I was delighted to have been asked to talk to the Ringmore Historical Society about my parents’ house, Barnford. I quickly got over the sobering thought that my knowledge of the house and village goes back almost exactly 60 years. I feel young but it turns out I am History.

We have more recently been down to London where we had a truly memorable time, seeing family, friends, Don Quixote at the Opera House and enjoying a Mothering Sunday afternoon tea cruise on the Thames. We also enjoyed a very special reunion which I shall tell you about next time.

And yes, I do have already have another post up my sleeve, but I am going to send this first, a tentative experiment, by way of an explanation, if not a warning…

And if anyone can point me the way to some very simple WordPress tutorials about blocks for the simple-hearted, please do so.

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