Travelling Light

Another retrospective posting, written it feels ages ago, but actually (only) one day ago!

Never mind your ten-seater light aircraft. I am writing this sitting at the back, of our Sky Trails 3 seater Cessna 206 chartered (very) light aircraft, behind Sebastian our Dutch pilot and John in the second pilot’s seater, John complete with largeessional earphones so he and the pilot can communicate with each other.

What a wonderful way to travel! Before the plane could land to pick us up Charlie supervised the cutting of the grass on the runway, and the game had to be chased away. The plane landed, out jumped Sebastian, handshakes and introductions all round, luggage flung into the back and off we went. No mention of tickets or passports or even our destination which by the way is Mfuwe on the Luangwa, the ‘gateway’ to the Luangwa National Parks.. What a pleasant contrast to all the security checks and interminable waiting using ‘normal’ aircraft.

It is quite noisy and when Sebastian turns round to tell me what we are passing I struggle to hear, which is frustrating. I have just made out that we are shortly to cross the Luangwa River so we must be near our destination.

Later. We were met off the aircraft at Mfuwe International Airport by Brian our guide for the next few days, who drove us to Kapani, which originally had been Norman Carr’s own house. He treated the drive as a game drive, concentrating on all the birds and after a up of tea we were up and away on a properly either drive.  We have quickly become so blasé about the game we have seen but are unable to share with you until a) we have access to decent wifi and b) we know how to manage loading photos from the iPad onto the WordPress blog.

Let me just say we have seen masses of elephant, several leopard, lots of giraffe, masses of hippoes, crocodiles, a pack of playful wild dogs and goodness knows what else. We have been so spoilt. John has some wonderful photos which he will put up when we get home, so don’t despair too swiftly!

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