Wishing you all a very Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everybody! Although, as predicted, at the moment the weather is cold and mostly grey.

Crown Cottage July 2017And Happy First Birthday to our ‘new’ house: exactly a year ago tomorrow, on April 15th 2016, we formally became the very happy owners of Crown Cottage, in Winster.

Since then we have had an eventful year. In particular we have had the ongoing happiness of Nick and Sam’s engagement, announced at New Year 2016, and their truly joyous wedding in December. And to those of our many friends who may have been mildly surprised not to have been invited, it was a throughly modern wedding, arranged entirely by the happy couple with no input from either set of parents! We didn’t even know who had been invited, and as Nick once I hope jokingly said to us we were lucky to have received an invitation ourselves.

Nick and Sam - happy bride and groomThat bit of the year was totally happy and very precious.

Not so the packing up and moving which is a seriously stressful and exhausting occupation, but we survived it – the first part anyway. We haven’t finished unpacking yet, mainly because – despite all our downsizing efforts – we still have more stuff than space. The front doorWe also seem to have gone away quite a lot…

That stressful bit was inevitable, and only to be expected. Far worse was the discovery, to our surprise and utter dismay, that the previous owners had understandably but illegally removed an internal wall in the sitting room, without planning permission. This, in a listed house and even in a curtilage-listed house as we are, however logical actually is a criminal offence, and one which as the new owners we had to bear responsibility for.

We were informed by the planning authorities that replacing the wall was the only option, and if we did not do this voluntarily in due course an Enforcement Order would be issued. If we did not comply, it would mean rendering the house virtually unsellable as no buyers would touch it, and certainly not their solicitors or their mortgage suppliers… We on the other hand would not have bought the house with two tiny ‘front rooms’ rather than the one very pleasant room opening onto the charming south facing walled garden, which to us had been the major selling point.

Crown Cottage garden July 2016

To cut a long story short, not wishing to burden you with a long and very worrying time, we had a great deal of support from the Listed Property Owners’ Club, and our local MP, and the matter was eventually sorted satisfactorily. The planning authority decided, very tactfully and realistically, that it would be impossible to replace an ‘appropriate’ 18/19 century wall in a room which had undergone so many significant modern improvements. The threat of an Enforcement Order has been withdrawn and we can relax and start looking forward again.

The next house adventure is to knock through from the kitchen into the end little barn to create a downstairs cloakroom. We aren’t allowed to do anything else, not even insulate the walls… Preserving the characteristics of old houses is all very well, but there must be a limit, when the environment becomes a priority, but that is a bleat for another time. We’re just grateful we can do what we can and at least have a downstairs loo and access to our washing machine and dryer without having to go outside. Don’t worry, we have planning permission, and Building Regs so now it is a question of pinning down a builder. Both Shaun from Parwich who we have used very happily for many years and the local man in Winster seem to be incredibly busy.

So, wish us luck as we embark on our second year! John F-S in the garden

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  1. Well done John and Marion; what a relief your nightmare with the planning authorities has been resolved to your satisfaction! Congratulations too on your first year at Crown Cottage and the success of your downsizing even though you still have too much ‘stuff’. I do enjoy my occasional morning coffees with you on my way home from swimming in Matlock. While my cataract ops are recovering, swimming is out for the moment, but I hope to get back to it soon. Best wishes and Happy Easter to you both, Mike & Gill

    1. Thank you so much Mike. It has been a fateful but ultimately very satisfactory and happy change for us. We are loving our new house and village, and the fact that we are still in complete touch with all our many and very nearby Parwich friends. We look forward to your swimming in Matlock restarting. Happy Easter to you and Gill.

  2. Hello Marion
    Congratulations on your move and well done for seeing off the dreaded rules and regulations re: listed houses, which have their place but even so. Your post struck a chord with me as we are down-sizing too, but to a far smaller place than you. We’re moving from a 3-bed terraced house to a 2-bed flat. And I shall write soon about the baggage I carry with me re: doing the downsizing ourselves rather than leaving to the children when we move on, so to speak! I am finding it (the getting rid of stuff) much easier, I have to say, than my husband who still seems to have a study full of shelves that look exactly as they always do – full!!!

    1. Penny, I was so pleased to hear from you again! I have been wondering how you’re getting on, knowing that there was a fellow sufferer out there with the same intention of downsizing voluntarily before ‘moving on’ involuntarily. Neither John nor I has found it easy, both being natural hoarders always convinced – and often annoyingly correctly – that the minute one has got rid of something the need for it will return. I must admit that John’s study (technically our third bedroom) does look extremely full but partly because I haven’t yet sorted out my filing cabinet which is also in there in rather commanding position.
      Does your flat come with a garden? We thought a large shed would help but the planning authorities think very definitely not! And are you in the same area, with lots of excellent charity shops? I do enjoy your frugal fashion blogs…
      The very best of luck for your move.

  3. The trials of living in a listed property. I wouldn’t mind if there was a logical reason for it all, but sometimes it appears to be on the whim of the current planning officer and the neighbouring council have completely different rules. (Can you tell we’re in the middle of trying to renovate?)
    Your house looks very friendly.

    1. Anne, hello, and how lovely to her from you! It took me a while to recognise you without your mud-splattered boots! Good luck with your renovations. Is your house listed? I couldn’t agree more with you and Penny (see above) – one does appreciate the principle of protecting old buildings and neighbourhoods but the principle does seem to be applied rather randomly and not always logically even within the same authority. Also, they don’t alway seem to understand that fashions and needs move on. In our case, what was acceptable to an 18th century lead miner might no longer be so appropriate for 21st century lifestyles.

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