The Year in Pictures- a 2015 Picture Book

Happy New Year to you all!

Where has 2015 gone?

Although it seems to have rushed by, for us 2015 has been a pretty significant year one way and another. A great deal has happened, so for once I am not going to waste your time with too many words. I will choose a few of the 61 photos that John has looked out for me to choose from. Continue reading The Year in Pictures- a 2015 Picture Book

The Best Autumn Colours Ever?

Sunflower, against a cloudless blue skyThe red, yellow, bronze and crimson leaves of autumn are always a joy to behold, particularly spectacular in the Peak District (or perhaps we are biased?). However, perhaps not as I remember John’s uncle and aunt, Tim and Peggie Sessions, used to make a point of coming over from their very beautiful corner of Herefordshire every October just to enjoy the colours here. Continue reading The Best Autumn Colours Ever?

SPUDS Reunited – Back to School (Again!)

Nearly a month has past since a group of old St Peter’s girls – and a few boys – met up near Oxford for a most enjoyable reunion. Several people have circulated photos of the event which I have included here in the St Peter’s gallery, and Rhona Walker (nee Coulson) has sent a wonderful CD with about 40 photos of our meeting.
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A Peak Behind the Scenes…

It’s been a bit silent, blog-wise (which I trust does not come as a relief…).

Scarlet Chested Sunbird in Malawi

John has been working really hard sifting through and editing all his bird pics, then making CDs for me to download for the blog. It then takes me some time (time rather than skill) loading them onto the blog and titling them all, especially when we don’t always know what the birds are called.

Shiwa House, from the garden
Shiwa House, Zambia

I am also hoping in the next day or so to write a bit more about our time at Shiwa Ng’andu, staying at ‘Africa House’. John also has some photos which I shall add to our John’s Photos gallery.

 I have also started transposing – if that is the word – my Great Grandmother Grace’s diary of 1870

Elephants, Leopards, Lions…


At last! We have uploaded hundreds of images from our recent African trip. You’ll find the ‘Big Four’,  plus wild dogs, crocodiles and fish eagles and many more creatures. We can’t provide you the ‘Five’ as there are apparently no rhinos in the Luangwa Valley, which is where we have been.
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